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Hi - I'm Pam Ragland--if you or your kids are stIruggling or just want  to improve, I can help you.  Since 1984, I've been helping people like you improve their lives.  I transformed Fortune 100 companies--then started Aiming Higher in 2000,  & accidentally discovered a healing gift to help people transform more effortlessly called Quantum Thought Shifting(TM).  I then developed programs to help people live more on purpose, manifest more effortlessly, &  help address the real cause of addictions. 

Then I was blessed with two special needs kids.  This forced me to become an expert in Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing--& to learn their rights.  Seeing the broken special education system, I now also help parents learn to advocate for your own kids.  In between I was appointed to a city office for ten years, & ran for election.   I also fought banks, learned about bank fraud--& how similar fighting school districts is to fighting banks (this is not a good thing!)  

We are in a time of great change.  I hope to be your guide to permanent positive changes that empower you and your family.  Get FREE updates and news in  these areas. *Choose all  you are interested in* 


Parent and Child Rights

Special Education/Special Needs
IEP Advocate
Innovative Help for Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia
Quantum Thought Shifting(TM) 
Food Safety/Natural Food Growing Methods

Live Your Purpose

 Money & Abundance
Vaccine Safety
Addiction Support 

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I want to help you and your family.  I take my time to keep up on the rapidly changing landscape in the areas listed  (and more every day)-- all designed to help you and your family Reveal Your True Masterpiece(TM), then I lets you know your rights (from a layman perspective),  provide information on solutions -- and help you adjust when forces try to interfere.   Be armed. 
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